Pure You - Raw - Vegan Menu 


My aim is not to bring your body filled with rubbish, but to cleanse and energize your body, mind and soul with livig food that has a great influence to your whole being!


You may reguest to any special add ons in drinks if desired 



Cold Press Juices ; Green, Apple, mint & Ginger, watermelon & mint, cllery& spinach


Lemon water

Alkaline water

Fruit salad- seasonal fruit, berries & seeds served with coconut cream

Cucumber salad - cucumber, spinach, herbs, flaxseeds, chilli & lemon

Sprout salad - spinach, arugola, cucumber, green pepper, sprouts, olives & sunflower seeds 

Quinoa salad - Quinoa, sundry tomatoes, arugola, broccoli, carrot , herbs & Oliveoil

Salads wraps - Fresh Ice berg lettuce with vegan or vegetarian stuffig

Dips & snacks - plate of 3 dips, fresh cut vegetables & crackers

Tapas plate - Olives, tapenade, nuts, roasted eggplant & vegan cheese served with crackers 

Natchos & dips

Cup of mixed nuts

Home made energy bar - fruit & nuts or seeds & nuts

Vegan Cookies ; Oats & ginger,  Banana -peanut butter,  chocolate- dates, coconut 

Raw chocolates; carob & cacao base

Ice Tea

Herbal tea

Combucha; ginger, lemon & Chily & apple & cinnmon

Cacao hot & cold with coconut, oat or almond milk



Pick and choose from our fresh salad bar meal to please you S,M & L sizes 

Eat in or take away

SET DINNER     5pm - 7.30pm

Green salad, flat bread & dip, soup, main course & dessert, hearbal tea & Alkalie water


All recipes are made from fresh organic ingredients and Love of sharing healthy food.

All cookies expet oats& ginger and peanut butter are glutein free.

There is no penuts in our nuts & seeds energy bar

Our set meal deal for dinner  includes  soup, salad, maincourse and dessert.

If you wish any add ons to your juice, smoothie or salad feel free to ask and we will serve with a small price increase.

Prices vary on a place where served, but never too much yet enough to keep the workers, farmers and our Family happy


 Profits from the restaurants food & drinks + shop items goes towards supporting a starting yoga school in the Philippines.


                   Make your self and many others feel good By supporting Our business.


   If you would like to join our team in Philippnes please  email 


                                                               Namaste and Have an Amazing Day!

                          - Remeber You are what you think You are - so think Positive & Think Healthy/ Wealthy!




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