• Valentines day - A Day to treat Your Self!

    Valentines day has allways been a day of roses and Chocolate, small gifts and time spend with the loved ones. What ever it might be for you, I encourage you to do someting nice and tret your self and people around you for a happy& Healthy day/ Evening.

     What it comes to chocolates I challenge you to make your own! Super easy and fun to do with good friends around. See recipe from my Happy & Alkaline e book what is for sale for only 5$ today!! see from shop

     If you wish to take it easy and kick back then I encourage you to relax and treat the body for a massge, face mask, Slow and relaxing yoga lesson or at least a healing, alkaline dinner.

     Pure Yous recommendation for a healthy Valentines dinner would be Quinoa salad with spinach, sundry tomatoes, pecan nuts, carrot, broccoli, sunflower seeds and your favourite oil topping with black pepper and herbs. 


    HOW TO DO??

    Boil some quinoa dependng how many you are feeding according to the instructions in the bag and allow to cool down. Get some organic spinach and shred it in a bowl, add a half shredded carrot, some sundry tomatoes- cut to small slices and chocp of some brockoli heads and fry them gently on a pan with olive oil & pepper/ salt and allow to cool down.

    Chop a hand full of pecan nuts and add then to the mixtures with a handfull of sunflower oil.

    Mix all ingredients together and toss up with some oil - olive oil or hemp seed oil are my favourites + grinded black pepper. Choose your favourite herbs to use - basil, coriander, rosemary, thyme and add to the mix.

     Enjoy with good company. 

    Feel free to use any other vegeatbels like cauliflower, bell pepper, cumara, beet root, olives etec.

    If you like sweets in your salad, add some figs or dry berries.



  • Health as a lifestyle

    To feel Great, look great and act grea.,t you dont need a whole lot of make up, personal trainer and a life of restrictions, but few good ingredients to make you feel like your own self, not a production of mass marketing, unnatural ingredients and online nonsence!

    Being on a diet now and again or adding from time to time some organic food or good exercise to the table is not the way to create a healthy life. Anything that is just now and again will not lead you to lasting results.

    When you get into a healthy life style, you wont be going anymore back to an unhealthy life as you just would go agains your own better wisdom. And that's why we one by one change the way we think, shop and eat.

     Natural healthy life is a lovely lively hood, where every meal is a nourishment to the body as well to the soul and mind. Every interaction with other people are pleasant and life is just a beautiful journey from a celebration to another. When people are in a natural happy state of mind, we do not burden other people with negativity, gossip and problems, yet we light up their reality with the goodness we can offer!

    Natural lifestyle is not just a change in the diet, it is about how you clean your house and body, how you dress your self and your house - linen/ carpets, curtains etec..., how you travel, how you communicate and how you exercise/ spend free time.

    I was tought long time ago that you are what you eat, think and practise. If your food is toxic and mass produced, thoughts negative and sad and all you practise is driving a car and chatting online, There wont be much space for natural inspiration, laughter, light, love and all the beauty what surounds us in the nature!!

    Please keep in mind that our body is just a vehicle for the soul to carry out its message on this planet. The body is not a material object what you can replace when it wears out, even if some of us seems to think so. I'd rather have you to think that the body is your most precious set of clothing that is tightly keeping your flesh, bones, fat tissue and all what lies undersneath it nice and neatly together to suppot your daily needs.

      I wish to remind you that skin is a living organ, just like our other organs inside the body and needs to be cleaned -daily, All pollution from the air and environment where we live, will accummulate on and in it, this way blocking skin pores what are meant to be breathing elements between insides of us and the outer world. If the pores get blocked and old skin is not scrubbed off regurlarly your oxygen intake will lessen and your energy levels will go down. What cleaner we keep the body than better we feel!

    So Don't be shy with showering, rather enjoy nice warm showers and scrub your skin to keep you alive and active:).  Off course bathing in fresh natural water - waterfalls, rives and lakes are the best natural cure, but might not be available on daily basis:).

     As a rule of good health do not use non toxic skincare products, organic if possible, oils, ointments and lotions, there is no need for sprays, top priced toxic colones & parfumes or hair gels... All what the skin needs can be found from the nature. 

    PURIFIED& ALKALINE WATER for hydration and better feeling.

    Alkaline water increases our energy levels, soothes acidity and hydrates the body much better than normal water. If you are drinking unfiltered tap water you are most likely getting some toxins/ chemicals to keep the backteria growth away from that, yet if you do not treat your water you risk to get harmful backteria in your self. If you are drinking out of plastic bottles you will most likely be enjoying some Chemicals released from the botles when they get exposed to the sun or low temperature Best thing to do, is to get a water filter, you can find normal waterfilters to households with less than 100$. Yet if & when you are ready to elevate your wellbeing to the next level I recommend Alkavivas alkaline waterfilter and shower head. Not just internally, but also externally alkaline water will nourish you to a better performance! Check out www.alkaviva.com or www.alkaviva.co.au and if you deside to buy a water filter mention pureyou at the check out and get an extra set of filters for free:)

    Drink at least 2 liters a day - rather even more, if you have an active life or are healing from an injury, operation or recovering from disease. 

    ALOE VERA; Very hydrating and soothing internally and externally. If you suffer from constipation, acidic reflux or iritated bowel syndrome aloe vera is to most getle remedy for you to use. Just an inch of aloe with a 2 or 2 of alkaline water and a but of fresh ginger all blended well and stained makes you an everyday remedy what is hard to beat with any other chemically made product. Not just that aloe can also heal small cuts, burns and sunburn. I use it sometime even as a hair gel if you like your hair better nourished than with the ones you buy in a tube with a whole lot of chemicals in! 

    NATURAL OILS for moisture and good fats - Our brain and hear are made mosty from fat. If you body can obsorb necessary fats trough the skin as well so you don't need to consume so much fat internally.

    Best oils to enjoy are flax seed, hemp seed and fish oil for their high omega 3 oil content. For optimal health I recommend Zinzinos balance oil what is world leadng oil that can also create income to you if you wish to be apart of a healthier change in the world! 

    Visit www.zinzino.com for more details.

    For your skin I recommend Organic Argan, almond and macadamia oils or a heavier oil you can use vocado, coconut or grape seed oil. 

    ESSENTIAL OILS; are a whole own chapter of natures goodness - loving them to the bits I choose daily an oil to support me if I am up for a challenging task. Each oil has different healing, energizing and uplifting properties that are one of the best remedy to 

    I could go on and on but I will save the rest to my Happy and alkaline ebook what you can buy with only 10$ and support my coause to open up a yoga school in Kenya!

     Then comes Cleaning product to the ohusehold and dishes/ loundry.

     Pleas echoose non toxic products if you are buing them or you can also make your own cleansing mix with alkavivas acidic water and lemon or with a bit of vinegar and lemon, the problem with vinegar is the small what i find a bit unpleasant. Baking soda is another good scrub for surfaces if you are having heavy duty stains. Try out some lemon juice & bakind soda with a dash of acidic water and see how you go!:)

    If you eat a clean diet without fried food and animal products you really dont need dishwash liquid other than wash a way a smell of onion / garlic if you use them. I do promote sunfood diet what only uses food items growing on top of the soil.

    Then is Travel. electric cars are getting more and more popular so is walking and biking! I say yes to electric cars even when I first sed WHY CARS AT ALL!! we could be without them but we choose not to...so if you have to have one at least make it clean and quiet please!

    Even better leave the car behind and Take your time and enjoy a ride with a bike, scooter or just walk. Allways rather fresh air than stuffing your self to a disel car and creating more pollution to the world!  Do car pooling and calculate your trips so you dont need to drive everyday but can in 1 trip get many things done!

    Bus and train are good options as well and frees you time & space to work on any project you have going on....Now days buses are also nice and clean and have several routes to choose from.

     Flights...there are flight companies what offer a less carbon fumes released if you donate some money or they promise to plant some trees...yet I think the best way is to count out your carbon foot print and regulate it so it stays within healthy measurements.

    Free time- what more we spent time in the nature then better we feel- nature energizes gives space and freedom to get creative, see coulurs, touch living things and to be a part of a bigger picture! Take time daily for a walk or a run in the nature, include some breathing exercises to your outing and see just in few weeks how much better you will feel!


    Grow your own food as far as possible or love your organic shop / markets. The more locally and naturally we feed our selves then better we feel and then better we serve our nature. Not just for your own good but lets do it for the higher better to other people around us as well as the Mother - mother earth, She is not that happy to look at these sick idiots who dont even have gut to step up and shop good quality but rather stay in a low cheap mindset and nourish the body/mind complex with unhealthy fuel! It tell you people most of you will feed the car or boat the best clean fuel to make it last longer, so why would you not do it to your self as well!?

    EXERICESE; Yes the body loves to exercise, Go out for walks, jogging, skiing, biking, ice scating or just to breathe fresh air and do a strech! Practising an exercise what rises up your heart rate at least for 20 minues speeds up your metabolism and strenghtens your heart. Try out different ways to move from pilates to body building, yoga, dance and aerobics to meditation & self massageand see what combinatin suits you the best. Watersports are great way to enjoy the calming and cooling element of water as well as build up balance - Surfing, SUP & waterski, skills - sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing or just being held by the water as swimming, snorkeling or diving!! So much to see and do and only about 90 years to love it all...so better to get out while the water is still not too toxic and the air clen enough to breathe witout some sort of filtering masks!! Sending you all Love and Light....YES TO A BETTER? CLEANER WORLD 2023 and beyond!

    Namaste & welcome to my detox talks in Leigh in Febryary 2023 For more info see my event calendar or email pureyoubusiness@gmail.com


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