I have been unfortunate as well as blessed at the same time - life shooked me hard when I was young and I choose to leave home to find a better way to live than the way I was tought by my parents and school. I had no intention to spend my life in a race against time, money and material assets that seemed to make people very posessive and greedy. I saw jelosy, theft and sad faces when people did not get what they wanted and instead of adding more of that all - material things and money I choose to go the other way....

It was so natural and so peaceful to finally let go of trying to chase money, run after clients or serve as a worker people who really did not care. I took time to study the nature around us, healing plants, herbs and superfoods while traveling and sailing around the world. 

 At 2013 I completed my first yoga teacher training what was the best thing I'v done since leavingg the "rat race" as I actually found more people like me who dont drink, smoke or take drugs but rather see the body as a temple. 

From my childhood allready I remember a saying that you are what you eat, think and practise so keeping that in mind practising meditation, and self healing movement on a vegan raw diet made me feel better than I ever did. 

Not long after my teacher training ( I strtaed teaching the next day after I walke out from the yoga centre in Gili Air, bali - Thank You by the way H2O yoga and meditation who had us for a month of daily practise) I completed my first degree in reiki healing.....and then the second degree....and year after christal reiki...I was totally in love with what I was doing - bringing peace and good vibrations to people, calming down stressed minds and enjoying mindfull communication and movement as a lifestyle not a practise.

 2014 I joined a rawfood cheff training and became a certified raw food cheff& detox coach at the same time ( this was my 3rd visit to Bali:)). Again I was inspired after 5 day jiuce fast and empty alkaline colon I was full of energy & knowledge to head out to the world to share with people.

 Since that over 9 years now I traveled the world teachng in remote villages in Pacific islands, Kenya, philippines and indoneesia. I did my time in USA, central america and Mexico as well and realized that we people in the end are the same. We just wish love, good home made food and inspirational work and movement to keep us happy. Yet most of us gets so over whelmed with life and how buzzy we need to be in it that we dont take time to study our own mind - body and soul connection. ONLY when you understand what you are = energy with flesh and bones hanging on it!! with a small computer called the brain driving you, how to feed and nourish these elements you will never be able to reach balance wand peace of mind. 

   I talk more about natural diet and how to create balance trough it on my nutrtion page....

    My Natural life style is a mindset what creates peace, trust and bellonging.

 When you can put mother earth and her wellbeing before your own ou are in about same mind set where I am. If you and your little human needs stresses her and creates stress in people around you as well there is something wrong. You must agree. The planet we live on is the most important asset we have, it is our blessing that we have been able to live on planet earth and share the joy of nourishing food, air and entertainment what mother Earth provides us every day..from Sunrise to sunset, moon rise to shooting stars, fireflies in the night and butterflies, birds, dolphing and elephants roaming at the savannah.

          HUMAN BEING= You ....yet we became an othertype of spieces as HUMAN DOING...


I understand that most of You are too buzzy following up with your followers, or following your own heroes on FB, but what about putting mother Earth as nro 1 at this point of life and giving her all the attention that we have been putting on social media, games and news, TV shows. I bet you there is nothing more beautiful to watch than the sun go down, stars in the night or animals playing in the wild. Shutting the screens down and Beeing part of the nature and learning from the nature connects us closer to the Real life rather than building our reality on scinece movies, video games & laptops. Do you really want to live like they act in the movies where world is destroyed and we only have left buring cities and sad terrified people??

I hope not, I would rather pain pictures of paradice and jungle where we all can live as long as we agree on peace an non material life style. We can not hold space for chemicals in a paradice. we also do not hold space for people who holds in hate and anger but for those who can laugh out loud, sing, dance and celebrate the ease of life!

 Yes I am old school But, Yes I enjoy that more than some super sanitized non bacteria tolarating scifi life. Not that that reality is bad, but it diconnects us from the REAL life what happens to be planet earth, dirt, small animals/ big animals and changes trough weather and daylight. As long as we are living on her - it should be aim to adjust to her cycles, to her time and provide her the least stress possible. 


 It all starts by slowing down to actually see what the world as our home and how we can blend in without leaving a huge mess behind. using natural resources for building, transport and food we allow time for earth to heal. If we push trough with machines, motors and fuel we will be stepping on her and leaving a dirty footprint that takes time to heal....

Why not surrender to Bliss what was given for free? Fresh water, fresh food and fresh air. All that one should need to be happy with, but somehow mankind though to be more clever than our planet??? so here we are..Global warming, wars, deadly infections, killing, swearing, greed and hopeless people trying to understand a menaing to this all. Making money with selling chemicals, selling plastic junk what is not needed to stay alive or even happy, plastic is covering our oceans and will be in the soil in big quatities by now as well. There is even plastic in the air now days so What CAN YOU DO????to make a diifference?

 My solution is very easy and pain free!

Natural life style! Stay out doors, do gardening, yoga daily, eat fresh / vegan and work as a part of a healthy community or start up your own small natural shop!

And if you wonder where you can really live like that I will invite you over to NZ, Finland or Philippines where we are building up natural, vegetarian communities to keep up a balance in the world of mess and distruction.


      For more info about joining me on my mission pleas email pureyoubusiness@gmail.com







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