Be The                      in All You Do :)


Sat Nam - I am the truth -In how I live, how I express my self and how I teach.

What a blessing to have you here on my page:). It has been3 pages made by others, 3 unreliable web designers and too much money wasted on others doing my web page as it never looks and feels like me. So please excuse me if This page is not as high standeard but it's made by me - who never liked IT classes in School. I wrote diary, poems and even designed differet fonts to decorate cards sayng this coputers, programming and typing was not in my design untill we got digital cameras! I loved to take pictures, edit them and create content on line with them...this beaing about 10 years ago.. then I started few simple web pages, blogs, wrote an ebook and few, made beautiful wall calendars and now days creating educational material & write few more ebooks...get your here!....


PureYou wellness aims for great Health, that creates a peceful, satisfied feeling in all areas in our lives. Pure You is a journey to learn, heal, rejuvenate and rebirth with positive coach and happy community, to support you, to become the Best of You:). 


 -""I have been studying, teaching and implementing yoga, raw food, Vegan diet, detoxing& fasting into my life since 2013 and had several happy clients in diet boost, ( detox, weightloss, fasting, herbal medicine), yoga, pranayama & healing massages/ Reiki treatments."" I am sure you would be 1 of them too.


During my traveling life of 18 years I have build up a strong foundation of knowledge, Wisdom and flexibility to lead all types of bodies/minds trough transformation. 


May it be diet, emotional issues - over thinking, worry, negativity, feeling left out, fear, addictions, past lives, loss of loved ones or trauma - There is allways away to heal what is wounded, let go of any negative programming/ habits and quide light back within by creating healthy relationship with your own self & people around you.

When  you are ready to take a step to a healthier and Happier tomorrow I will be here for You! 




 "After completing my first yoga teacher training in Bali 2013, I got so inspired of the body, mind, spirit connection (what is the ultimate getaway for peace of mind and great health) that I feel priviliged to share that wisdom for those who wish to reach a higher level of being. " As we are willing to let go of the I - ego and connect in the universal flow to serve the highest best for all we find liberation from suffering and allow life to unfold in a pleasant way instead of pushing hard against it. YES to beautiful life & Healthy habits!

 - Let the Journey begin!



There are times in life when we might feel stuck... Or unsure what way to go, to reach our goals & happiess on our chosen path. In these moments meditation, stillness, right quidnace and YOGA will bring you back to your path. Life is unpredictable, yet when you are grounded in gratitude & practise nothing will shake you of from a healthy Life.


I have the knowledge, if you have the inspiration😉. So when you feel like it is time to change the direction ( or find direction...) of your life to healthier and more energized being, I am happy to help! 

I work with personal programs, workshops and retreats and have the ability to be there for you with online connection if I'm not in your neighborhood. 

With right tools and good planning there are no obstacles too big to achieve all you ever wish for! 


  This year we are finally opening Pure You Place in Kenya. If you would like to be a part of a healthy community please come and join us in Finland this summer for a Pure You training!

We would Love few Volunteers to the project in Kenyan if you would like a break from normal life and Go Funky in AFRIKA!! - learn yoga, meditation, vegan/ vegetarian cooking, organic gardening, energy healing, pranayama, detox and much much more!

For more info Please text me on what's app and lets see how to add you to the team!


If you can not join but are happy to build up a healthy communite please donate any ammount to feed our workers, volunteers & pets:). More info about PY- Training....

                               May the light within me.... - Shine with the light within you.. 




                  MAY 2023 COMING UP;

               Detox & Vegan chef training                                   1st+ 7th May/ PALAWAN

This option will be good for you if you wish to have a light Detox, enjoy daily yoga practice to get deeper in to Yoga and create a healthy kitchen for your family or many even implement it to your own business.

 In kitchen we will learn all you need to know to cater a vegan/ vegetarian diet to you, your family & friends or operate a health bar / gourmet vegan restaurant/ detox juice bar!

+++ REIKI HEALING basics, A great way to heal & clear out old disturbing energy from your body & mind.


YOGA 1 – Lets learn traditional yoga poses, a little of yoga dance, beginner meditation+ basics of meditation.

HERBAL MEDICINE 1 Learn how to use the herbal medicines  to treat illness, nourish the skin and preventing sickness.

3 DAY JUICE FAST– optional, Try out Pure You’s signature cleanse, with fresh juices, coconuts & Herbal tea- Clean your stomach and colon from Waste & toxins.

KITCHEN: Vegan & Vegetarian cooking; healing, detoxing, gourmet, raw vegan, food combining, superfoods & sweets. Learn tasty & healthy recipes to nourish your body & Soul.

REIKI HEALING: Learn basics of energy healing & Let go of trauma, pain and suffering, become the best of you!

 There will be coming up a Reiki healing training later on the year, this is a great opportunity to find more about it!

MANTRAS; Learn how to use the power of mantra to create peace of mind & clear out disturbing thoughts.

CREATE YOUR DREAM LIFE; Group gathering to set up for a great future!

By using Visualizing, meditation & creative journaling – You create the life you wish to live, share and celebrate!


            Pure You training week 2 //7th-15th May

                                            Be The Best of You!

This is for you, who wish to Become the purest, happiest and healthiest version of your self! YES TO HAPPY BEGINNINGS! NEW MEETINGS & LEARNING TOGETHER:)

During the week you will enjoy a light detox, alkaline vegan food, daily yoga & meditation as well as daily chaging workshops! 

PRANAYAMA - Breathing exercises

YOGA STUDIES- Going deeper in to yoga - philosphy, energetics, healing with yoga & more!

DETOX- Possibility to join for a 3-5 day juice detox & learn how the body cleanses it self when in Peace. - Learn how to do at home in the future!

REIKI HEALING - Energy healing & universal Body work

COOKING CLASSES- Learn together in healthy kitchen

HERBAL MEDICINE 2 - How to use & make natural remedies to heal & prevent illness

NATURAL SKINCARE - Using natural skincare products for your health & wellness

CREATIVE, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - Desing your own perfect life living in balance with nature & all creatures!

TROPICAL GARDENING- Let's grow our own food and learn basics of creating a toxin free base for growing food / gardening. 

TIME TO ENJOY!- We have a great coral reef to explore, warm crystal clear water to swim, float and heal in - Daily Salt baths!- Pictures nature with exotic birds, flowers and butterflies


You do not need ny previous yoga experience of other wellness qualifications just a desire to learn, share and Grow as a happy creative human being! 

ALL OVER 16 years wellcome - If you wish to bring a child with you we can cater for baby sitting for an extra charge. 

Let this be the Start of something beautiful & grate for your Life!


PRICING PER WEEK   890$ Shred room/ 1120$ Private room

BOTH 2 WEEKS           1690$ shared room/ 2090$ Private room

If you wish to pay in partpayments we offer payment plans to divide the ammountin 3 payments over 6 months.

You can also offer to volunteer for us if you do not have access for money and just pay for accommondation & food, daily 1600peso/ 25.00$US


For quick questions chat on what's app +63 960239 5313



                  Tailor made options to full fill your needs!

                  Get a quote by Email;



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